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Native looking apps for your mobile devices.
Home screen icon
Maximum amount of screen usage
No need for lengthy Apple approvals

Mobile Tools for your staff

Web Apps for your staff
How can I get instant feedback that a job has been completed?
A. With a web app you can post directly from your phone to your website or be notified via email.
Do we have to wait for the app to be approved before we can use it?
A. No. A web-app is effectively a website without the browser tools, so it can be used as soon as its live on the web.

YorkSoft offer a Web-App building service for internal use. This service includes:
  • Build of a custom Web-App based on standard browser technology.
  • Instant availability, no lengthy waits for Apple approvals, etc.
  • Web-App development.

Web-Apps from your website

Your website as a Web-App
Can I have my website as an App?
A. Yes, a web-app is effectively an website, so with some build changes, a homescreen icon can be created and the web-app setup on your mobile device.
Why would I want a Web-App?
A. It offers your clients an easy way into your world, the click of an icon on their homescreen will get them directly into your website.

YorkSoft can build and develop your web-app from your existing website designs (these may require tweaks for mobile)
  • Native app-like navigation
  • Touch features
  • Designed for mobile

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