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Adaptive design

SEO - Site Audit Q. What is an adaptive design?
A. An adaptive design is a design that changes depending on the viewport its being displayed on.
Why does the site need to adapt?
A. With so many different screen sizes viewing websites, it would be very expensive to design and maintain a site for each one. Google also likes sites that size correctly.

YorkSoft offer adaptive websites to cover all the viewports your site may be viewed on.

Lightweight hand-coded sites

SEO - Rank Monitoring Q. What are the benefits of a hand-coded site?
A. A hand-coded site will be free from the bulk of auto generated template driven websites. So it should be quicker to load and in turn be more search engine friendly.
Q. What if i want to change the site?
A. Another benefit of a hand-coded site is that its taylored more specifcally to your requirements, we can build templates to your liking, alter them and develop a lot easier.

YorkSoft offer a full bespoke build service for your website that is Search engine friendly, Easy to develop and build upon and Fast loading.

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